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You qualify for a grant if you volunteer at least 40 hours at an eligible charitable organization or if you are participating in a recognized and/or sanctioned fundraising initiative from January 1 to November 30 within a calendar year and if you are one of the following:

  • a CN employee (permanent, full-time employee for at least six months or permanent, part-time employee for at least twelve months)
  • a family member of an eligible CN employee, such as a spouse, partner or child 25 years of age and under and still living at home
  • a CN retiree
  • a spouse/surviving spouse of a CN retiree

This program is not open to temporary or contract employees of the company.

You are not eligible for a volunteer grant if your volunteer work:

  • Totaled less than forty (40) hours for a single organization.
  • Resulted in you receiving any payment or compensation.
  • Took place during work hours while you were being paid by CN.
  • Included evangelical, missionary or religious promotion or excluded people outside of the respective faith-based or culture-based organization.
  • Did not meet the minimum pledge criteria as set by the recognized or sanctioned fundraising event.

Eligible Organizations

  • Organizations that are registered charities, as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or possessing IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, subject to the exclusions below.
  • Amateur athletic or recreational youth associations (18 years of age and under).
  • Municipality or body that performs a community function under the auspices of a municipality and qualified to issue a charitable tax receipt (e.g., volunteer fire department).
  • Civic/service clubs or recognized fundraising organizations.


Organizations that:

  • Discriminate based on race, gender, religion, faith or lifestyle.
  • Are political organizations or conduct political advocacy.
  • Pursue an agenda contrary to the interests of CN, its board members, employees and/or other parties as deemed relevant by CN.

Available Grants

Grants for CN Employees

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Grants for the families of CN Employees

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Grants for CN Retirees

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Grants for the Spouses/Surviving Spouses of CN Retirees

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