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Managing your private fleet

Ever get stuck in a traffic jam the very moment you need to be somewhere… Wouldn't it be nice if things just moved smoothly… Now picture congested yards and the impact on the entire rail network and your goods. That's why we place a high priority on keeping our operating yards fluid, so that train connections are on time and your goods get to where they need to be.

Managing your private fleet to have the right number of cars at the right place at the right time is a shared goal that benefits you. So if your car is not moving, why not store it! By placing cars into storage until you need them, we can free up space in the yards.

Your private car storage options

Not sure where to start? We can help. We will work with you to determine the best solutions. Whether it is car repositioning, helping merge and consolidate a fleet, or working with our partners to find the best way store your cars together, we can come up with the best plan, so that your products don’t get stuck in those frustrating traffic jams.

Become a CN storage partner

If you are interested in becoming a CN Storage Partner, send us an email to