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Our safety stats speak for themselves — and speak well of CN

There’s safety in numbers. Especially in our numbers.  All 3 safety metrics improved markedly in 2015, finishing the year on a strong note.This represents a significant accomplishment, however there are still areas of opportunity for improvement.

Each region/function must continue to focus on the consistent application of their safety management plan to address safety issues comprehensively. Critical components of CN’s safety management plan include employee involvement, risk assessment, efficiency testing and preventive actions aimed at accident/incident root causes. Continued focus on safety culture, through initiatives such as Looking Out for Each Other, Peer-to-peer communication, safety summits and thorough cause-finding investigations, will continue to drive positive results in the reduction of accidents and injuries.

Several initiatives were undertaken in 2015 which directly contributed to reduction of accidents and injuries. CN implemented additional detection and inspection technologies on the network and used Predictive Data Analytics to leverage data from our industry leading wayside detectors to take safety to the next level. Our Engineering team developed the “Engineering Critical Task Checklists”, a best in class structured process to support quality execution of specific track repairs.

Performance Measures

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