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Board Committees

The Board of Directors has supervision mandates in six areas and has established committees that have certain responsibilities for such areas.

It is CN's policy that, as a general rule, committees make recommendations to the Board, which has the decision authority. However, the Board may, from time to time, delegate its decision authority or part thereof to a committee or an individual, subject to applicable laws.

The members and chairs of the committees are recommended to the Board by the Board Chair in consultation with the Governance Committee.

The role of each committee chair is to participate in the development of committee meeting agenda, to ensure the orderly and efficient use of time in the committee meetings and to ensure the complete, adequate and succinct reporting to the Board in a timely manner and on a regular basis. These committees and their charters are available as part of CN's Corporate Governance Manual (PDF).

Please find below the mandate and responsibilities for each of the Board committees.

Audit Committee (PDF)

Finance Committee (PDF)

Corporate Governance and Nominating (PDF)

Human Resources and Compensation (PDF)

Environment, Safety and Security (PDF)

Strategic Planning (PDF)

Donations and Sponsorships Committee (PDF)

Investment Committee of CN's Pension Trust Funds (PDF)