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Reducing our impact on the world around us takes real action. And getting real results.

We’re frequently asked how railroad activities impact our environment. How do we meet the needs of our customers today and preserve the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? How indeed?

Here’s how: At CN, environmental protection is an integral part of our its operational activities.  Where do we take action? Our environmental strategy focuses on:

  • Emissions and energy reduction
  • Waste management
  • Environmental stewardship

To execute our strategy, we developed a Sustainability Action Plan, comprising many projects, helping us achieve our environmental objectives.

Our environmental strategy is in good hands

CN relies on a team of professionals with diverse expertise — from biologists to environmental engineers to experts in site assessments — to carry out its environmental strategy.

These specialists:

  • Monitor CN's environmental performance in Canada and the U.S. (ensuring compliance with applicable requirements)
  • Identify environmental issues inside the company (and manage them in accordance with our Environmental Policy).