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Delivering Responsibly

Sustainability Report 2012

Delivering Responsibly

We have made sustainability an integral part of our business strategy through our approach to governance, environment, safety, people, and community.

With our Sustainability Action Plan, we set an environmental sustainability focus based on three pillars:

  • emissions and energy efficiency
  • waste management
  • environmental stewardship

Our outreach initiatives are an important part of executing this strategy, as we continue to focus on creating value for our stakeholders.


At CN, we know that our long-term success is connected to our contributions to a sustainable future.

That is why we are an engaged corporate citizen, committed to the safety of our employees, the public and the environment, delivering reliable, efficient service to support our customers’ success in global markets.

It is also why we are dedicated to building stronger communities and providing a great place to work.


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Stakeholder Engagement

Driving value through engagement