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Delivering Responsibly

Sustainability Report
Delivering Responsibly

Sustainability Report 2014

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Rail Safety

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Delivering Goods Safely and Responsibly

Delivering Responsibly is one of the most important dimensions of what CN stands for. It drives how we conduct our business every day – moving customer goods safely and efficiently, ensuring environmental stewardship, attracting and developing the best railroaders, adhering to the highest ethical standards and building safer, stronger communities.

Our sustainability strategy covers environment, safety, people, community and governance. Environmental sustainability is a strategic priority, supported by our Sustainability Action Plan. Stakeholder outreach and our EcoConnexions program accelerate our ability to create value.

Governance: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct.

Environment: We conduct our operations in a manner that protects the natural environment.

People: We are focused on providing a safe, supportive work environment that values diversity, respect, integrity and pride.

Safety: We are committed to safeguarding employees, assets, customers and the communities in which we operate at all times.

Community: We contribute to communities through our impact on economic development, outreach in communities and community investment programs, including the numerous safety initiatives that we support.

Policy and Practices

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Awards and Recognition

Acknowledgement of CN’s sustainability efforts

Acknowledgement of CN’s Sustainability Efforts