About CN

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What CN Stands For

What does CN stand for?

A set of core beliefs that drive how we do business every day and will continue our transformational journey.


Operational and Service Excellence

  • A critical balancing act: ensuring both operational and service excellence.
  • A commitment to continuously raise the bar from both an operational and a customer perspective.

Creating Value for our Customers

  • Delivering reliably and efficiently every day
  • Helping our customers win in their own markets
  • Opening up new markets across the business

Creating Value for our Shareholders

  • Staying true to our business model
  • Growing the business at low incremental cost
  • Investing smartly for growth and productivity

Delivering Safely and Responsibly

  • Safety first, always
  • Reducing our total environmental footprint beyond emissions
  • Engaging our people, connecting with communities

Playing our Role as a Backbone of the Economy

  • Nearly 20% of Canada’s export-based traffic moves over CN's network
  • Connecting our customers to the world
  • Aiming to be a key part of the solution
  • Acting as a true supply chain enabler